“You’ve shown & health tested; you’ve examined their minds.
You’ve spent hours in study to learn all the lines.
You’ve brought life to this world; raised them to shine.
Sought families to cherish & love them divine.
A responsible breeder preserving the Cane Corso for mankind.”

- Written by Yvonne A. Alemán, Founder of Costa Bel Cane Corso, September 2013

great  STRUCTURE  is  wasted             
                   without  a  SOUND  MIND
       to  DIRECT  it                   Costa Bel Cane Corso

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On September 18, 2013, U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA/APHIS) published new federal regulations that narrow the “retail pet store” exemption, which has historically exempted many small/hobby breeders from regulation under the federal Animal Welfare Act (AWA).  Due to these recent changes by the USDA, reputable breeders who whelp and raise their puppies in their homes and consider their dogs family members have been forced to make difficult operational decisions.  Because the welfare of my dogs comes first and we refuse to house our dogs and puppies outside of our actual home, Costa Bel Cane Corso will operate in a manner that will not require us to pursue USDA licensing.  This means that we will not ship puppies.  The decision to not ship puppies will allow us to operate in a manner in which we feel is in the best interest of our puppies and dogs.  Effective immediately, any puppies going to homes outside of our local area will either be hand delivered by me or must be picked up in person. Any travel costs associated with the hand delivery of a puppy are the responsibility of the puppy's new family and will need to be reimbursed prior to my travel if by air or upon hand delivery if by vehicle.

Costa Bel Cane Corso breeds for the betterment and preservation of the Cane Corso breed.  We do not breed often and always retain puppies for exhibition and working purposes from each litter.  Although parents have been health tested and are titled, we generally will only sell puppies on companion contracts with limited AKC registration.  Co-ownership will only be considered in very special circumstances.  All our breeding stock and puppies are available for viewing and we welcome visits to our kennel by appointment only.  We reserve the right to refuse visitation to anyone for any reason.  By entering our website, you have read and understand these terms.  Click here to enter the rest of our site.  Thank you for visiting!